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  1. AB and a peach front named Sailor are a bonded odd couple.

  2. Andie - large gallery of a beautiful 8 year old fun-loving female Nanday.

  3. Andy and...
  4.     ...Jade with general Nanday info.

  5. Angie entered Parrot Haven and was quickly adopted.

  6. Arthur - a photo of Arthur, and photos of other members of the flock.

  7. Azul - story of his early days in his new home

  8. Bandit - lots of photos and stories (poker, bra, bath, peanuts)

  9. Another Bandit (previously named "Paulie") with the story of his early life.

  10. Bella - cyber gallery of the "high and mighty" Bella.

  11. Bird C - a short bio.

  12. Bo Jingles -lots of stories and photos of Bo.

  13. Boogie - four photos.

  14. Buckbeak - photos and stories of Bucky.

  15. Buddy - gallery with 4 photos of a little sweetheart who's a plucker.

  16. Buster - six photos, and his favorite things. Another photo here.

  17. Calabar - photo with buddy Jewels.

  18. Carrera - photo of a feather-plucker who found a happy home at a sanctuary.

  19. Chacha - a photo with pal Tango, a blue crown.

  20. Charlie - gallery of a three month old Nanday.

  21. Charmagne - one photo.

  22. Chester - three pages of stories, photos, Chester's toys, and Chester's diary.

  23. Clovis the lucky Nanday Conure's story of overcoming a medical nightmare.

  24. Coco - story of a family's flock which includes Coco.

  25. Corky - gallery showing the antics of this gorgeous tough guy.

  26. Cory - three photos.

  27. Countess - general Nanday info with a pic of Countess.

  28. Danny - two photos and a little about Danny.

  29. Diego - gallery showcasing this cute rescue Nanday who loves showers. Also Diego's Nanday pal Zorro and Duke the bluecrown.

  30. Doobie and...
  31.     ...Maggie-May - Doobie lost his feathers due to frostbite. Photos and info about this Nanday couple.

  32. Dudley - one photo and some info.

  33. Dusty - cute photos of Dusty and his parrot pal.

  34. Elvis - two photos of Tiny E, plus other pets.

  35. Fenix - lots of photos and info. Also, Fenix's pal, Jimi the sun conure.

  36. Flip - seven photos plus info about Flip the bird. Also Flip's gallery.

  37. Fritz - one photo, and lots of other parrot photos and info.

  38. Gabby - one photo, plus photos of the rest of the flock.

  39. Gibson - gallery of a Nanday born in February 2003.

  40. Ginger - gallery with 5 pics of a beautiful Nanday.

  41. Gizmo (Gizzy) - photos of Gizmo and his other conure buddies.

  42. Godzilla - one photo of Zilla with Bogart, a bare-eyed blue front. Info on their adoptions.

  43. Gracie a very special Nanday, with photos and extensive coverage of her medical problems.

  44. Griffie a rescued Nanday, with "before" and "after" photos.

  45. Guapo - annotated galleries containing photos of this adorable yet devilish Nanday.

  46. Hank - one photo.

  47. Harley - gallery with cute photos of Harley in bed. More of Harley.

  48. Inca - two photos of this shy Nanday, plus many other parrots.

  49. Jack and...
  50.     ...Erica - one-eyed Jack and Erica are in love. A photo of them and other birds at Foster Parrots.

  51. Jade and...
  52.     ...Kahn - twenty five photos. Click on the thumbnails to see full-size, or watch the slide show.

  53. Java - one arty black and white photo.

  54. Jewels - three photos of Jewels, plus other birds in the family.

  55. K.C. - gallery of a friendly, smart Nanday.

  56. Kiwi - photo album with many cute photos.

  57. Another Kiwi - one photo and a short bio. More photos here.

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