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Pics of Guapo, my adorable yet devilish little Nanday Conure!
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Guapo's First Phrase! (1 item)
The other night while passing Guapo's cage I startled him by moving his night light. I felt bad so I stuck my finger in to rub his head and apologize for waking him. He gripped my finger and began to rub his head on it so I said "I love you!" and what came back from the semi darkness almost gave me heart failure! It was a perfect I Love You In return. I Grabbed the camera to save this moment for posterity and this is a sample of what I got. The picture will be black because it was recorded in near total darkness.
Bath Time for Guapo (8 items)
Luck be a Nanday..tonight! (4 items)
Guapo discovers the bright lights and big sounds of a Japanese slot machine. Check it out!
COUNT GUAPULA! (8 items)
Ah Ah Ah! Velcome to Count Guapulas Castle of horror! Zis Halloween vas a horror for ze count because he kept trying to squirm out of ze vampire cape and vas put in many veird situations, indeed! Ah, but once ze count had a taste of ze Cheerio elixir, he vas very happy and zen ze mommy couldn't get ze count out of his costume to save her life! A spell cast upon her by ze charasmatic dark prince....enjoy ze pics.
Guapo's World (13 items)

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