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  1. Kojak (Koji) - the story of the adoption and life of this neglected plucker. More on Koji.

  2. Another Kojak and...
  3.     ...Poco - a heartbreaking photo and story of Kojak, another plucker who got adopted. One photo and short bio of Poco.

  4. Kona and...
  5.     ...Bixley - eulogies for many lovely birds. The photos of poor sweet Kona make me cry every time I see them.

  6. Lola - a photo with pal Gerry, an Indian Ringneck, before they were adopted.

  7. Lou - departed friend

  8. Luci and...
  9.     ...Micki - one photo each of Luci and Micki, plus the other family pets.

  10. Mario - many photos with captions of Mario the Nanday and his blue crown and African grey pals.

  11. Marvin - two photos, plus the rest of the pets.

  12. Max   and another pic - a bio and lots of photos, including adorable ones at five, six, and seven weeks.

  13. Mowgli - four pictures in photo album.

  14. Myrtle - short bio and one photo.

  15. Mz Frizby - brave little Frizzer's toes were eaten by her daddy. Her story and a photo.

  16. Nan - a short bio, one photo, and some general Nanday info.

  17. Nanday - five photos and a bio.

  18. Nandy - story of a Nanday who plucked due to a medical condition.

  19. Another Nandy - one photo. See also this large photo

  20. Nannay Keyla - a photo of Nannay.

  21. Naynay - gallery containing photos of Naynay and human and tiel friends.

  22. Nelson - one photo with Chuck the budgie. Also other pets including Nelson's love, Oscar the mitred conure.

  23. Odie - a long story about a previously neglected Nanday's wonderful new home.

  24. Okra escaped for six months! The whole story, and a baby picture of little naked Okra.

  25. Paco had been abused, but found a loving home. One photo.

  26. Peejo - gallery with photos of Peejo being bottle-fed.

  27. Petey and here - Nanday with hip dysplasia. Companion of half moon conures RIcki and Lucy.

  28. Pico - two photos on a page with many other birds.

  29. Pipi and...
  30.     ...Casey a bonded pair. Six photos and some info.

  31. Pokey - a long narrative: An Indoor Flight Story.

  32. Princess

  33. Quiet Pete   also here - one photo and some text.

  34. Rasky: Nanday.Com and DigitalConsciousness.Com - many spectacular photos and some text about this gorgeous Nanday. Also Rasky's gallery.

  35. RD and...
  36.     ...Kelly - a photo of each, and info on their adoptions. Many other birds at Refuge for Saving the Wildlife.

  37. Rickey Ricardo - one photo, and some of the rest of the menagerie.

  38. Ricky - one photo, among many other parrot photos.

  39. Rico Suave and...
  40.     ...Oscar and...
  41.     ...Ziggy - five enlargeable thumbnails. Also Oscar in flight.

  42. Ripken - Pet of the Day. One photo.

  43. Rocko - one photo, plus other birds.

  44. Rufus - one photo.

  45. Sam - a bio and three photos. Sam was a plucker with a poor diet, and is being rehabilitated.

  46. Another Sam - a short bio.

  47. Sammy - very skimpy bio.

  48. Scooby on Tripod or Birdtalk - a little bit about Scooby.

  49. Shadow or Screech (previously named "Nanday") - photo and adoption history.

  50. Sheila - photos of many birds.

  51. Sigmund - six photos of Sigmund and some stories. Also Sigmund's buddy Penelope, a blue crown conure.

  52. Skittles - lots of captioned pictures on three pages.

  53. Snuggles - one photo, and text about Snuggles' relocation to a loving home with Sidney, a Goffin cockatoo.

  54. Squeeker and...
  55.     ...TuTu one photo of this couple of clowns, plus four sun conures.

  56. Sunshine - a resident of Foster Parrots because she was too loud for her previous home. One photo.

  57. Sweet - one photo.

  58. Teet - gallery with lots of photos of beautiful Nanday babies.

  59. Tiki and...
  60.     ...Bow - one photo and short bios.

  61. Truffles - many bird show entries, including one photo of Truffles.

  62. Tweek - gallery of Corky's beautiful pal.

  63. Walter - one photo, plus photos of three other birds.

  64. Whisper (and more of Gracie) - a nice bio of Whisper, rescued from very poor conditions. Several photos.

  65. Whispers - a photo and a bio.

  66. Wylie - six photos which can be sent as postcards, and a little bio.

  67. YodieBird - a photo of Yodie with a wild hairdo! Plus some info about this cute Nanday.

  68. Zorro - Nanday Utopia contains photos and stories about Zorro the Nanday. It is also the home of The Nanday Mafia, a dangerous avian crime syndicate. Also see Zorro's galleries with photos of this playful and brave Nanday who survived a cockatoo attack.

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