People: Posters, Prints, and Other Merchandise

Featured items: Standups, including sturdy, large (often life-size) cutouts of famous people (actors, musicians, athletes, etc.) and things (Statue of Liberty, palm tree, etc.).
The items featuring these 57 people represent just a tiny portion of our huge inventory of beautiful prints, posters, t-shirts, and other merchandise. These items would be wonderful in your home, and they make great gifts.

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We offer a wide selection of items in every conceivable category (art, movies, music, television, travel, etc.):   posters, prints, photos,   t-shirts,   magnets,   life-size standups,   tin signs,   calendars,   frames,   wall decals,   limited editions,   canvas art,   giclees,   wall murals,   wall tapestries,   and other merchandise.

The people are listed in chronological order, by year of birth. You may sort them alphabetically.

1820 Harriet Tubman
1832 Lewis Carroll
1864 George Washington Carver
1867 Marie Curie
1867 Wright brothers
1879 Albert Einstein
1902 Langston Hughes
1907 Katharine Hepburn
1907 John Wayne
1911 Lucille Ball
1913 Richard Nixon
1917 John F. Kennedy
1922 Jack Kerouac
1925 Paul Newman
1926 Marilyn Monroe
1928 Maya Angelou
1929 Anne Frank
1929 Audrey Hepburn
1929 Martin Luther King

1931 James Dean
1931 Toni Morrison
1931 Leonard Nimoy
1934 Jane Goodall
1937 Warren Beatty
1937 Robert Redford
1940 Al Pacino
1946 George W. Bush
1946 Bill Clinton
1949 Michael Richards
1956 Mel Gibson
1961 Barack Obama
1962 James Marsters
1963 Johnny Depp
1963 Brad Pitt
1963 John Stamos
1965 Kristin Davis
1965 Sarah Jessica Parker
1967 Pamela Anderson

1967 Matt LeBlanc
1967 Julia Roberts
1969 Jennifer Aniston
1970 Matt Damon
1971 David Boreanaz
1972 Jennifer Garner
1974 Leonardo DiCaprio
1975 Angelina Jolie
1977 Orlando Bloom
1977 Sarah Michelle Gellar
1977 Tom Welling
1978 Ashton Kutcher
1978 Benjamin McKenzie
1979 Adam Brody
1980 Macaulay Culkin
1980 Wilmer Valderrama
1981 Jessica Alba
1981 Paris Hilton
1982 Kristin Kreuk

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