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Date:Friday May 21, 2004 4:03:27 pm MDT
Message:ok i have been checking out several websites trying to find out the answer for this chemical equation of Jim Townley's Super Star Problem...K4Fe(CN)6+KMnO4+H2SO4-->Fe2(SO4)3+K2SO4+MnSO4+CO2+H2O+HNO3.  I have been having a alot of trouble on finishing it and its for my final exam this May 24,2004. If i don't do it i will flunk the chemistry class...which i like,but i just have been having alot of trouble.  If anyone of yall know how to do it, or have the answer or any web page that can help me out Plzzzz let me know...besides that the girl that said she was gonna help me out left me waiting for wks...and i just kept trusting that she was gonna help and NOW and have run out of time so0o0 if anyone of yall know it plzzz help me,plz,plz,plz!! I'll be so0o thankful to u!! This is my my name is Blanca Serna and this is my number (956)725-0427!!

P.s. Plzzz help me!!!!!!!! i don't wanna take the class again!!!!

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