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Date:Tuesday November 11, 2003 9:12:05 am MST
Subject:Re: Nanday conure talking and behavior
Message:Hi JPK,
I was just bored looking around for stuff to read and I came across your message. You are on the trivia board not nandays so I don't think you will get alot of replies here LOL.
Look on the bottom of the page and click on home and from there go to the nandays message board. We will be happy to help you.
The band will tell you the breeder initals, the state they are in and maybe the year of birth.
I would really encourage you to post around that you found a small green parrot. Most newspapers offer found ads free of charge. Just say you found a small green parrot with a band. Ask them to tell you the band numbers or breeder on the band to claim the bird.
If that was my nanday I would be heart broken and searching high and low for him. Someone might be out tearfully searching the sky right now for there lost love.

Good luck,

jpk wrote:
> I just rescued a nanday. it is very sweet. It makes noises has a band
> on its leg.What info does the band say. Any information about
> talking.I already know about squaking. Any info on general  behavior
> would be appreciated.Should i get his wings clipped. He is a good
> flyer as he was found on a 4 story ledge. Thanks.

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