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Date:Wednesday August 25, 2004 2:16:17 am MDT
Subject:Re: Big Brother
Message:Drew wrote:
> Are any of you watching Big Brother on CBS? I love it that the twins
> (Adria and Natalie) ironically don't know what "karma" is. Poor Will.
> I'm sure he thought he had a very clever parting shot ("If karma is
> a boomerang, I'll be seeing you sooner than later"). But then the twins
> don't have the slightest clue what karma is, and don't even know if
> Will was saying something nice or not-so-nice to them. And it was just
> priceless that they thought he may have been referring to "Karma Electra"!
> LOL!

Yeah, that was hilarious! And then in the next episode, the twins actually compare Will to Charles Manson! Where do the network casting people find these idiots?

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