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Date:Tuesday May 9, 2006 11:26:53 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Auto insurance
Message:Suzy wrote:
> Tom wrote:
> > It's that time of year again for me: time to renew my auto
> insurance.
> > I think I'm paying way too much. Does anybody know of any reliable
> > insurance companies which offer reasonably priced auto insurance?
> >
> > I've seen all of the Geiko commercials which tout how much you'll
> > save by switching to them, so I thought they'd be a good place to
> > start. But I got a quote from them, and they were way, way, way
> more
> > expensive than what I'm already paying. Help! My car needs to be
> > insured, but I need to be able to afford it!
> The cheapest auto insurance I was able to find was Mercury Insurance,
> so you should look into them. They don't cover the whole U.S. yet, but
> they're expanding all the time. So if they're not available in your
> state yet, check again next time.

this maybe an old thread though for the benefit of the viewers I suggest that Tom shop for insurance online. I checked on the net found it to be easier to go online when shopping for insurance. The place I went to is they were able to give a quote that was acceptable to me in the speediest time. Hope this helps.

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