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Date:Wednesday October 27, 2004 12:20:04 am MDT
Subject:Re: Nail Clipping
Message:Hi Kelly,

I have copied your message to The Nanday Conure Message Board:

Please check there for replies.

Kelly wrote:
> I have had my conure for almost a year and have only had his nails
> clipped 4 times - once by his previous owner, once by the vet and of
> course, I attempted clipping his nails twice. Even by just clipping
> the very tips, his nails bleed almost EVERY time - on every nail. Is
> this normal?? It is time AGAIN to have them clipped and it's such a
> hassle to bring him to the vet; not to mention to try to hold him
> still! I have all of the nail-trimming things in his cage, (sandpaper
> perch covers and a scratching thing), etc. It is just plain time to
> clip them!! Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks!!

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