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Date:Friday April 11, 2003 7:27:05 pm MDT
Subject:Re: spraddle leggsduskyand a normal nanday conures question?
Message:tuesday wrote:
> i have  a spraddle legs dusky conure and a  nanday conure  which  has
> not  been  in the same room until this last week,due to the fact i
> was afraid  the nanday would hurt the dusky, well  im  wandering
> since the room the nanday  is  in is  empty now  son gone, if i moved
> the dusky  in there  is there a chance they will became friends ,
> there is  apair of mating lovebirds  which was  the nanday freinds
> but since the eggs came they  ignor you think it would be safe
> if i  put the dusky in the same room  along with a  parakeet  ?

Maybe not in the same cage until they get use to each other, should do fine out of their cage. And they might get along from the start. So go for it. Just keep an eye on them for awhile

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