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Name:Becky And Sammy
Date:Sunday December 7, 2003 10:31:51 am MST
Subject:Whats wrong with Sammy?
Message:Hello!!  WEll for 2 days now I have noticed something about Sammy.  Because she is naked from the crop down I can see her body well.  I have noticed that down around her bottom she has been a little bloated and it is a different color.  It seems like it is almost a yellow.  She isn't constipated, she is having regular movements.  I haven't changed her diet, she is eating Zupreem.  ANyone have any ideas what this could be?  I had wondered if she may be getting ready to lay eggs?  I don't know....I have tried looking on here for anything similar but haven't found it.  Thank you in advance.  
  Becky and Sammy

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