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Date:Saturday December 6, 2003 8:11:07 pm MST
Subject:Re: Hurt eye
Message:You guys are awesome thank you so much, Bears eye is looking better, I will take him in the shower with me in the morning it will be warmer! Thanks soo much.

Lynda wrote:
> The vet prescribed liquid , oral, Baytril. I think it was just over
> ten days worth. Plus he told us to take Zorro in the bathroom when we
> took showers because the steam is good for the sinuses and keep him
> warm.
> I caught Zorro very early though so counting on the severity of the
> infection the vet might use a different type or dosage.  
> The vet said I should have seen improvement in three days. It took
> five. Probably took the full ten days for his eye to look normal
> again. Remember Zorro is a special case. He had a severe head injury
> this year. There was some damage to his sinuses.  I know his immune
> system was compromised by the big doses of steroids and his body
> being so weakened. A normal bird might recover quicker.
> Thanks for asking. I never thought about telling Kim to bring Bear in
> the bathroom when she showers.
> Lynda
> C. wrote:
> > Out of curiosity, what did the vet prescribe for Zorro's infection?
> > How long did it take for him to fully recover from his ailment?
> > Best,
> > C.
> >
> > Lynda wrote:
> > > This is very true. My nanday Zorro had a sinus infection a few months
> > > ago. He was rubbing his beak all over everything and the white around
> > > his eye was puffy and red. My vet said I caught it quick and that was
> > > a good thing because advanced sinus infections are hard to treat.

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