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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Saturday December 6, 2003 4:33:38 am MST
Subject:Re: Hurt eye
Message:Just so you know - a sinus infection can sometimes show the same symptoms. It causes pressure, so the eye will be puffed and irritated. Nobody can really tell you what's wrong with your bird without examining her, so please, don't put your trust wholly in our posts. Please, make an effort to find a qualified avian vet, and get her checked. If you don't trust vets, ask lots of questions untill you find one that you feel is reasonably competent. Remain calm and respect the vet, but never let them treat your bird out of sight, and ask them to explain what they're doing and why. Knowing all of the vets in your area may be invaluable - you'll know the good and the bad. In a serious emergency you'll already know whom to trust, and won't waste time franticaly searching for help.

As far as the expense goes, Bear is now a part of the family and deserves health care as much as you do. It's your responsibility to keep some money aside for vet visits, or to find a vet that is willing to work out a payment plan... I have a separate bank account for vet expenses, and I try to put in somewhere around $10 a week for my guys. Then there's always my credit card, if I should empty the account in an emergency. I don't take them in once a year like some do, and I don't rush to the vet with every simple thing (cuts, bites, broken blood feathers), but I don't hesitate to get them checked over if they're showing vague signs that could point to a serious problem. (BTW, the #1 sick bird sign is a rapid loss of over 10% of his/her weight, not counting the full crop - empty crop difference. If you don't have a good gram scale, get one, and weight Bear every once in a while. It helps...)

I'm sorry if I sound too critical - I've seen too many sick and neglected birds whose owners either don't care or don't want to spend the money - "the bird costs less than the vet visit" so they let it suffer, or try to treat it at home without truly knowing the problem, wasting precious time. They'll just buy another when it dies... I had my pigeon treated when she had a crop impaction - She is one of my first "free" rescue birds, and the visit cost me $150 even though the vet was nice enough to give me a discount. I don't regret spending the money in the slightest.

Since you obviously love Bear, I'm hoping you see my point...

Kim wrote:
> Hi, this is my first time, and I hope someone will be able to help us.
>  My nanday bear is 16 and is a rescue bird, we thought it was a he
> but she layed an egg, my only solution to this is she is finally
> happy.  But the bad thing is along with the egg came alot of
> behaviors and one is she rubs her beak on the cage, which I think
> caused her eye to get scratched.  The white part around her eye is
> red and puffy there is no oozing but it looks uncomfortable, I keep
> cleaning it with water is there anything else I can do?  She hates
> everyone else,so i don't think she'd let a vet touch her, and I don't
> really trust them and their pricey1 any suggestions?

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