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Date:Saturday December 6, 2003 1:14:14 am MST
Subject:Re: When the power goes out...
Message:We have a generator and portable electric heaters that could easily plug into the generator. Propane heaters sound good yet I am worried about their effect on a little Nanday's lungs. I'll have to research this a bit further.

 V. wrote:
> I keep my nanday Pete's area at about 70 degrees, usually using a
> sealed-oil heater to make sure that he'll stay warm enough.  During
> the winter I'm concerned about power outages--in our house, that
> means lack of heat.  We have a couple of small propane heaters for
> emergencies, but they're pretty minimal.  They're functional for a
> short period of time, but wouldn't work very well if the power was
> out for very long.  I'm wondering what other folks do to make sure
> that during cold weather their birds stay warm enough, and especially
> during power outages.  Thanks.

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