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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Friday December 5, 2003 9:15:03 pm MST
Subject:Re: grinding
Message:They grind their beaks when especialy relaxed and comfortable - helps trim up the beak to keep it in shape. They can also make a rasping or purring noise, when happy, excited, or in a breeding mood. Both are perfectly natural noises. Actualy, they have an immense range of vocalizations, and they use them appropriately for certain situations. Expect to learn some conure-speak as you get to know your buddy, they're like to be vocal, and don't always communicate by screaming.

Have fun!

The Roelands wrote:
> We are new Nanday owners...3 days to be exact.  The thing is when our
> little guy is snuggled up under my chin for a nap he starts this loud
> grinding mind you only one of us is getting to
> this unusual, or is this a common thing?  He also occasionally sounds
> like he is loosing his voice which makes me feel awful...I'm
> thinking..."oh no he has a sore throat", then he'll let out a yell so
> i know he's ok. We are just trying to learn as much as
> possible...Thanks everyone

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