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Date:Friday December 5, 2003 8:58:14 pm MST
Subject:Re: grinding
Message:Welcome to the fascinating and often mysterious world of nandays!  Many folks contributing to this board are so experienced, and I'm sure you'll get lots of good advice.  I'll just share that my nanday Pete also makes grinding noises sometimes, usually when he's very relaxed or sleepy.  I noticed that C. also says that her nanday makes a grinding sound while relaxing.  Pete's noises are not really loud, but it's definitely a grinding sound.  Pete screams quite frequently and never loses his voice, but he does have an amazing range of sounds, from quite quiet to ear-splitting.  You probably need a little more time to figure out what's "normal" for your guy.  Keep checking in with this board--I've only participated for about a week and have found good information and insight.    

The Roelands wrote:
> We are new Nanday owners...3 days to be exact.  The thing is when our
> little guy is snuggled up under my chin for a nap he starts this loud
> grinding mind you only one of us is getting to
> this unusual, or is this a common thing?  He also occasionally sounds
> like he is loosing his voice which makes me feel awful...I'm
> thinking..."oh no he has a sore throat", then he'll let out a yell so
> i know he's ok. We are just trying to learn as much as
> possible...Thanks everyone

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