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Date:Thursday December 4, 2003 9:46:31 am MST
Subject:Re: Great Nanday Board
Message:We love Tweek dearly, but still refer to her as ours special ed fid :) We've only had her about 6 months, I think she's about 5-6 years old. She was given to me at a pet shop, I had Corky with me and this guy came up and asked how I got him to be so nice and quiet. He told me that his mom had a mean, loud, and viscous Nanday that she was trying to get rid of. I met the mom, and didn't care for her, she "ssshed" Corky when he let out a very little squawk. One thing led to another, my protesting husband and I drove to their house which was just a little ways away, and went home with a new Nanday. The people's home was disgusting, it was overrun with animals, fish tanks, and birds, the people themselves didn't look like they look care of themselves (Not trying to be mean, but I think the two sons and the mom were mentally handicapped) She'll never be as cuddly or friendly as Corky, but I'm glad we got her out of there. Her and Corky are best friends, I don't think she'll ever prefer people over other birds, but at least she has a good friend now. She gives kisses to my husband, but still bites me once in awhile when I give Corky kisses and every so often when I ask her to step up. Her feathers are starting to look much better, she just now going through her first molt since we got her, and I've been giving her special treats that are supposed to help with molting. I wonder if she may have had her wings broken at some point in her life. I'll try to take some pics this weekend of her back, I've never seen any kind of bird with wings like hers.


V. wrote:
> Hi Jennifer:
> Pete's right wing was broken, and the feathers on that right wing are
> all a little askew...he actually has a pin holding his bones together
> (the break was a very weird one, and we were lucky he kept the wing
> at all).  As I remember back to when we first brought him home,
> though, I think his primary wing feathers always pointed up a
> bit--yet he didn't seem to have any problems flying.
> Tweek sounds like a sweetie--how long have you had her?
> V.  
> Jennifer wrote:
> > Quiet and low maintenance?! :) I noticed in Pete's gallery his primary
> > wing feathers point more up than his other wing feathers. Is this
> > from his broken wing? Tweek's flight feathers look like that when
> > they are grown in, when I got her she had all of her flight feathers
> > but still couldn't fly very well. I had never seen another Nanday
> > that looked like that, but I've always been curious as to why Tweek's
> > feathers looked like that.
> >
> > Jennifer

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