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Date:Tuesday April 8, 2003 6:29:06 pm MDT
Subject:Re: YANNI new owner
Message:irene wrote:
> i just got my new nanday conure .he's still a baby the lady who sold
> him to me told me he was only 3wks old .ive had him since just the
> 31th of march she taught me how to feed him with the formula they
> have for them and to mix it with baby cereal too his/her feathers are
> now growing in nicely. the lady told me to take him to her so that
> she could see what sex he was but now that i've read all this
> information on this bird it shows that only by medical way can you
> tell what sex it is so i decided to just call him/her YANNI my
> sister
> thought it was funny since in spanish there is a saying where you say
> YA NI mujer NI hombre meaning yet not a girl nor a boy.
> only thing i wasn't warned about was how loud he/she can get .usually
> i try to ignore  but since its a baby i feel guilty just letting him
> cry so ill sit near him and just talk to it or let him be around me
> sometimes i have thing
> to do so i have to end up putting a smaill towel over his cage and
> turn
> ing of the lights
> so that he thinks no one is around  but theres times i have the t.v
> on or radio and he knows im around  and he goes on for hrs just
> hollering away .my sister has found that soft romantic music makes
> him quite and puts him to sleep i prefer rock music playing that type
> of music only seems to egg him to be louder.
> is it safe to have such a baby when your not an expert in raising
> them ? Was she right in selling it to me so young? i worry that im
> not doing things right
> so im always online cking websites while at home or work to make sure
> im doing things right by it its gotten to the point where im feeling
> more comfortable with it but still feel bad since its still soo young
>  and then he seems to like to bite so i let him since it doesnt
> doing so will this later on become a bad habit for
> him?usually he will go for my finger and once he has a hold of it he
> starts to shake it around and ill let him do it for awhile till i
> think its enough and then lightly remove my finger and pet him on his
> beak and tell him no how can i make sure that im training him right
> and if he will learn or just ignore me when hes older and does as he
> wishes .
> thanks

 Are you sure you are feeding him either. At three weeks they need to be fed alot like every 3 to 4 hours. It sound like he needs more food.
Try putting a stuff animal in with him. Do you have him on a heating pad to keep him warm ? At this they need to be kept warm. That breeder should not have let you  do this without you knowing how to care for your baby.
At this age they dont bit, the bird is trying to get food from your fingers.

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