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Date:Tuesday April 8, 2003 12:40:36 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Operation to make bird flightless
Message:JR wrote:
> Birds use their wings to maintain balance when climbing and walking
> too. I would think that a flightless bird would be in more danger of
> falling from a cage. Also, some flight ability can save your birds
> life. Any bird without any means to fly is in danger of other pets,
> children, wild animals, falling objects, etc. Birds naturally startle
> and fly as much as they can to protect themselves. Also, birds can
> die of fright if they are trapped in a small place like a
> wastebasket. If she has some chance of getting out on her own she
> will be better off.
> Clipping the birds wings is a permanent handicapping surgery. It may
> protect them in some ways, but it forever prevents them from fully
> being birds.
> Any bird outdoors must be under constant supervision and is safer in
> a cage. There are many sad stories about hawks eating parrots. Pet
> birds are easy to spot by hawks with their super vision, and they
> don't know to be quiet when in the open or unable to fly away like
> wild birds do. My birds do enjoy being outside, but I use a harness
> or a small travel cage to make sure they are safe while they are out.
> Wing clipping is a small stress, most birds get used to it. If you
> work with your bird to be used to being handled in a towel it
> simplifies the process and makes it faster and less stressful for
> everyone. I have learned to clip most of my birds myself, which also
> minimizes the stress since they are at home and handled by someone
> they know.
Thank you Jr you said it better than I did. I have a bird that can't even jump, Losing balance and fall on his/her back everytime they fall and then they cannot turn them self back to their feet. Birds need their wings.

Wing clipping is the best way to keep your bird safe, tame, But a bird without the use of their wings is tolaly wrong.

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