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Date:Monday April 7, 2003 11:47:51 am MDT
Subject:Re: toys etc
Message:Stephanie wrote:
> My bird (Nanday Conure) loves these wood cutouts I get at the craft
> store.  They come in all kinds of interesting shapes and are about 25
> cents each.  They are made of a soft wood so he just tears them up.
> He also likes to play with his food.  I don't know that he eats much
> of it.  LOL  A piece of carrot is especially entertaining.
> Steph and Chester

Oh yeah, food is great fun. I live close to Washington DC and with the threat of terrorism (no matter how remote) I started to leave a large dish of food for the birds, just in case I got stranded at work or something. I came home to find an entire bowl of brown pellets ground into sawdust. Obviously my Nanday Greenbean had a happy and busy morning!

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