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Date:Friday April 4, 2003 12:05:22 pm MST
Subject:Re: How long will nanday conures live?
Message:Hello, with good health and excersize, lots of love and great care, conures can live up to 30 years. I have a friedn on a nanday list named Jinny, and she has a nanday now that is 30 years old. He is old and hunches over and walks slow. But they can live quite long. So 10 is still pretty young, if he is a well cared for bird with good nutrition :)

One of my nandays is going to be 2 yrs this month, the other is about 6 yrs. But Paco's age is unknown, and it is obvious he is an older bird. Looks and actions, he's slower, not interested in a lot, but loves to climb in his tree and chew it up. He loves going outside, bathing, eating, preening Rusty, but doesn't play. His eyes  are darker and more wrinkled and not as white, his feet are very, very light pink with no black at all. Rusty & Bandit have smooth velvety white around the eyes, not like Pacos, and have pink feet with black spots. Both are very active and playful. Paco is active, just older :) He could be in his teens or 20's for all we know, and from what I've been reading and hearing, I'm guessing he could be in his 20's.

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