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Date:Thursday April 3, 2003 11:28:04 am MST
Subject:Re: Retaming my nanday / BIRD BITING: PLEASE READ
Message:> For some reason, it seems Nandays only bond with 1 or 2 people.
> Forget about strangers, my tamed bird gets very upset and
> uncontrollable if there is somebody he doesnt know around. He'll bite
> me extremely hard and even will attack a family member that he doesnt
> know. Unfortunately, I have to keep my Nanday away from just about
> everyone cuz he gets so upset.

This is interesting. My first Nanday had bitten one woman's nose (she said she was used to birds and let her on her shoulder despite my warnings) but no harm done. Other than that she was a perfect angel. I was completely taken by surprise when my otherwise mild-mannered Nanday flipped out one day and launched herself at a 12 year old childs face. There was no warning and no provocation. The poor kid walked into the room and *bam* the screaming Nanday launched at her face and hung there by her beak. Poor kid was scared spitless and shaking like a leaf when I PRIED the little bat off of her face. She perked up and said it was no big deal once she calmed down. Luckily no serious damage. But I now lock up the Nandays if anyone else will be around them. My Quakers are not like this at all. They are territorial, but away fromt eh cage they'll go to anyone and act all cute.

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