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Date:Wednesday April 2, 2003 4:12:21 pm MST
Subject:Re: toys etc
Message:Do watch out for excess sap on pine cones though! It can stick their beak together or stick in their feathers and lead to plucking.

Some toys mine like:
* Small pieces of wood
*Wooden beads and shapes from craft store, died with cake colro (safe to eat!) I use vegetable tanned leather strips and natural jute to assemble toys for them.
*inexpensive kids toys as long as they are not soft or brittle plastic (watch to make sure they don't eat them) Mine have a set of dollar store plastic turtles. They sometimes like to learn how to use cheap musical electronic toys, but watch for eating them!
*clean, bleached and well-rinsed branches from safe trees like oak or cherry you can find a list online of poisonous plants, make sure they have not been sprayed with chemicals (ie, don't pick from the roadside or a sprayed yard).
*Bunches of dried grass or grains. Again, be VERY careful of chemicals. Birds are very sensitive to pesticides.
*Woven palm strips or untreated wicker baskets.
*Mini pumpkins
*Whole apples on sticks
*Cat toys if they can't be chewed up, mine like those whiffle balls with the bells inside, but get the hard plastic kind, not the kind that looks like a cage (mine eat any soft plastic or brittle plastic, but not the hard kind)
* Strips of cotton fabric tied in a knot and suspended from bars (make sure not long enough to tangle feet or head) My Nandays LOVE to chew fabric.
*popsicle sticks

I make a lot of toys with parts I buy from Feathered Kids N Stuff (not sure of URL). With any toys you need to keep an eye on them and inspect toys often for wear and tear. Keep nails short too so they don't get tangled in toys.

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