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Date:Wednesday April 2, 2003 4:00:15 pm MST
Subject:Re: I need more ideal
Message:It soudns like you are doing a lot of things right. This poor little guy has been through so much. I can't believe a breeder would treat any bird like that. Even if she didn't want him she should have gotten him good care and a decent diet. Whispers was mistreated badly for three years. It will take time for him to relax and trust you fully.

I have two rescued Quakers (rec. 6/01-Pascal and 6/02-Stevie) and two rescued Nandays (rec. 7/02-Greenbean and 3/03- Peace). All are about the same age as Whispers. For each bird (except Peace who has been here only a few days) there has been an adjustment period of about 6 months. After that they seem to realize they are staying and that I don't hit them. Stevie was a PAIN (still is, but she is better!). She bit, screamed, all kinds of stuff. Pascal mostly only bites in a territorial way (on or around cage). Greenbean has never bitten much, but the first few months she was terrified if I tried to hold her in any way. She would step up, but freak if I did more than pet the top of her head.

I would suggest reading some good behavior books and articles (Sally Blanchard and Mattie Sue Athan are well-respected). That will give you a feel for relating to this bird. Nandays can live up to 30 years, so try to have a long-term perspective. If it takes a year to mellow out and gain trust you are still gettign an amazing pet for the next 25 years.

Also, keep in mind that your expectations for this abused bird need to be different than if you had gotten a baby. He has to overcome fear, bad memories, health problems from poor diet, injuries and the lack of proper socialization. To me it is amazing and humbling that these fragile creatures try so hard to bond with us after such bad experiences. Greenbean has been with me about 9 months and she is still nervous about any sudden movements. On the other hand, she is sweet, cuddly and talkative. She is learnign to accept and enjoy cuddling in a towel or under a blanket. Her vocabulary is progressing from the few curse words she learned to more appropriate language. You will see progress, just be patient and in awe of the gift this bird is giving you in accepting your friendship after such a sad beginning.

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