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Date:Wednesday April 2, 2003 1:09:22 am MST
Subject:Re: Operation to make bird flightless
Message:Carolyn wrote:
> Oh Brave Anonymous
> I guess it would be better for The bird to go off and die somewhere
> when she fly’s out the Door then looses all direction with no
> ceiling. I am just trying to keep my bird safe I don't think a
> tropical Bird would do well in a Northern Territory. And being an
> indoor bird its whole life I am sure it would not survive
> I would do anything to keep my bird safe, as I do love her. What is
> the difference between clipping a birds wing or having an operation
> once I think the operation would be a lot less stressful for the bird
> than clipping every couple months
> Thanks for your feelings though anonymous
> If anyone who does know anything about this operation it would be
> appreciated I am sure Rascal would love to enjoy the outdoors on a
> nice sunny day
> Thank You ;)
> (¨`·.·´¨) *
> `·.¸(¨`·.·´¨)*
> `·.¸.·´*
> *~*Carolyn*~* `·.¸.·´*

 So have you thought about making a out door cage to keep the bird safe. I just think bird needs wing like we need legs and arms. Keep her wings cut. And keep her away from wild birds.

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