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Name:Betty Albert
Date:Thursday July 23, 2015 3:08:13 pm MDT
Subject:do you still have this bird? if so write me. betty albert
Message:Brittany wrote:
> I have a 13 year old nanday thats been with me for 12 years. But about
> a year ago i had to leave him behind with my aunt. She is handicapped
> so she isnt able to give him the love he needs. I try to visit him a
> couple of times a week but other than dropping off food and toys i
> dont have a lot of interaction with him. He is fully flighted, he DOES
> NOT do good with children or pets. He prefers females. He can be bitey
> and demanding when he doesnt get his way but he can albe sweet and
> snuggly too. He is big on destruction. He is scared of new things and
> spray bottles but loves showers and bathes. He is loud and loves to
> squawk when you dont let him out of his cage. He needs someone who can
> work with him to resocialize him and someone with lots of patience and
> who doesnt mind a some bites cause he will test you lol. I was going
> to send him to a bird rescue but i cannot afford the surrender fees.
> So pleade pass this along if you know anyone who might be ablr to give
> him a loving home, I will ask for a rehoming fee depending on how
> suitable a home it is for him. Please email mr about yourself if
> interested. This little guy is not for anyone new to birds. I am
> located in north texas around the mckinney area.

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