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Date:Saturday November 8, 2014 7:47:20 pm MST
Subject:biting and screaming nanday
Message:I adopted sheila a 2 1/2 yr old Nanday. Her old owners never paid attention to her and left her in the cage all of the time. They gave her crackers and bread instead of fruit and vegetables. Since I adopted her about a month ago I have gotten her to bond with me and I let her out of her cage all day everyday. I bought her a happy hut and a playstand and lots of new toys but she seems frightened by most of them. She likes to sit on my shoulder and pick at my mouth when I try to make her stop she screams and bites me. I don't know how to make her stop. I she bites when she gets mad if I won't let her on my shoulder and most of the time when I do let her sit there she cuddles me and is very nice but sometimes she gets very angry if in don't let her do what she wants and then bites me very hard and screams loudly if I try to make her get down. Can anyone offer me some help. She was abused by her old owner I believe just by the way she acts like screaming when she sees the broom or if anyone has a ball in their hand she tries to hide and screams. I feel bad for what she went through and want her to be happy but I also like my fingers and it hurts when she bites. I try not to scream or make any kind of noise or jerk because I read it can only make the behavior worse. Please help!!

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