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Date:Sunday February 2, 2014 5:41:12 am MST
Subject:My conure Pipsie
Message:My Pipsie is with me 11 years. She is chipped by a reputable bird vet. She is the most loveable companion one can wish. She gets up early morning and I take her to the bathroom, the go to the kitchen and prepare her food (minced greens, peanut butter and non-cooked pasta, pellets and fresh food). She is free flying but I return her to her very large cage when needed. She is neither clipped nor nail-cut. She will love you dearly and kiss you showing her own love to you.
She is my family, I spent thousands of $ for her wellness during her time with me since she was one year old, now she is 11 years old. She traveled with me to Florida several times and owns (expired) Canadian pet passport. She was never sick.
I have to find a loving home for her, will give her to the right person (in Toronto or vicinity, no cost involved but will have to see her new possible environment.) She comes with a very large cage, two smaller ones and utensils.
I have to find a loving home for her because of my old age. Would like to meet the suitable person. I live on the water edge near the Westin hotel and could come to you.

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