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Name:Bruce Byfield
Date:Saturday January 11, 2014 12:13:53 pm MST
Subject:Re: My nanday is crushing/throwing her food
Message:Sara wrote:
> I've bed feeding her the same food a long with fruits and vegetables
> for as long as I can remember, but every now and then she just crushes
> down her good and her food bowl will just be filled with food dust. OR
> she'll just flick her food and it will be all over the floor and
> bottom of her cage. Doesn't anyone know if this is some sort of
> nesting behavior? I thought maybe she was trying to make a nest out of
> her food bowl. But I'm concerned if she is because I want to be able
> to prepare if she lays eggs, but if it's not a nesting thing, I don't
> want to encourage it either. I just have a huge fear that she will die
> while laying eggs. She has laid a total of 6, but that was 3 years ago
> and she never laid again.

Nandays will sweep out their nests shortly before nesting, but I wouldn't jump to conclusions. She may just be bored, and need some new toys to interest her. I've also seen the type of behavior you describe as part of a tantrum, when a bird isn't getting what she wants.

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