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Date:Monday July 15, 2013 4:46:18 pm MDT
Subject:Aggresive bird
Message:My wife and I have a Nanday conure, about 2 years old now. We just moved him to a new home, and, at first all seemed to be OK. He was a little shaken, but that was to be expected. I could still get him (or her, we're not really sure) to step up, and I could scratch the back of his head. But, seemingly out of no where, he started this new thing about attacking me. If i put my hand out, he lunges toward me, and has even gone so far as to run after me. He is clipped, but, I think his feathers are growing back now, because he can make half-hearted flying attempts. THE WIERD THING is that he used to be friendly toward my wife and I, however, now that he decided (for some reason, I don't know) to not like me at all, he absolutely adores my wife. He follows her around, and does all th stuff we used to do together (acrobatic tricks, eating from hand, etc.) Please help! I don't know why my bird is doing this.

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