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Date:Saturday February 2, 2013 2:08:10 am MST
Subject:Nanday Conure
Message:I just received 2-birds FREE complete with 2 cages
from a local online site...1- is a Parakeet and the other is a
Nanday Conure.
The Nanday Conure had an allergic reaction to Pea-nuts
unfortunately suffered an amputated toe on one foot
and paralyzed another toe on the other foot... she gets
around perfectly fine! But when I received her...
Everything was at "bottom cage" level! she flies around, walks fine, but she can't grasp on to things...
Would it be wise to buy her a perch for "higher ground" (per'say)...
I just don't like the thought of her continuously being on the bottom of the cage!!!

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