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Date:Monday January 28, 2013 3:07:57 pm MST
Subject:Scared Nanday Conure
Message:Hi, I'm writing this because I had bought a six year old Nanday from a family who collected a variety birds. The information that I received from this family was incorrect they gave me to wrong name for starters and all the info for that breed (I compared images on Google to what he looked like to find his breed), he had lost a toe due to a fight with a Macaw, and we was told to get him back in his cage to throw a sheet over him (This I think cause him to be frighten on sheets/towels, anything that could trap him).
 I'm worried about Cheeky(the Nanday) his behaviour is very scared and aggressive, I have read that Nanday's enjoy being out of the cage and tend to enjoy petting. Well, at first cheeky he wouldn't come out of his cage(I didn't pushed him to do so) but over time he stood at the top he has once flow out of his cage but never since. Yet, if anyone moves he will scream and climb back in with such hurry, if anyone tries to pet him he will scream and try to bite you. he is also scared of children and anything different, I once had tried to change his toys around since they stayed in the same place for over 2 months but as I went to he got angry and tried charging me.
 Cheeky has got better with the passing months but he still is jumpy, he has bonded with me but he can still snap, I can now stand at the side of his cage without him kicking off he now stands next to me but if I lift my hands he panics and before I know he has set off to the other side of the cage. He will stand next to me in his cage and eat, so I know there is trust there but I just wish for him to be less scared.
 I believe that in his past he was neglected/mistreated and that's the cause to this behaviour.
 I feel so upset that his is missing out on being loved because of this, is there anything else I can do that can help him from being less scared and calm down? or should I just continue what I am doing!
 Any help is needed, I don't want my baby boy scared no more!
                  Thank you, Zoe.

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