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Name:Bruce Byfield
Date:Thursday December 27, 2012 4:08:49 pm MST
Subject:Re: our nanday conure
Message:(No name) wrote:
> Hi Sandie, the first thing you should know is a nanday's call is
> almost equal to that of a macaws but not quite.

Nandays can be loud, but so can plenty of other conures. I suspect that what people find intolerable in a relatively inexpensive parrot like a nanday they learn to endure in members of a more expensive species.

But the most important fact to add to any discussion of the loudness of nandays is this: the happier the bird, the fewer loud noises they make. Some will scream briefly first thing in the morning, or others if surprised or frightened, but what you hear from well-adjusted nandays is usually cheeps and fairly quiet squawks.

True, some nandays are louder than others, when I hear someone complaining about one, I usually find someone who doesn't know how to treat a parrot properly.

Probably, the same is true for any parrots.

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