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Date:Friday December 21, 2012 5:26:20 pm MST
Subject:Re: our nanday conure
Message:Hi Sandie, the first thing you should know is a nanday's call is almost equal to that of a macaws but not quite. Generally they crow in the morning, afternoon and once in the evening unless you set a different pattern and spend either morning or evening playing with them at the top of your lungs.

Research has shown nandays are the most rehomed because of the loud, so I'd just say don't ever let that become a reason, they are incredibly intellegent, fun, and you can bond well with them.

However in my case speech or not it is not clear and concise, it is that they speak like they have gravel in their throats, but come here often, Bruce, Margaret and I believe Sam have the most experience to share.

Good luck.

I have 4 nandays

sandie wrote:
> hello, my husband and i just got a nanday conure given to us. we would
> like to read about them to give it the best care possiable. and we
> would like to train it to talk as well. could you help us? if so we
> would appreciate it very much! thank you, sandie & don

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