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Date:Tuesday November 27, 2012 4:35:08 pm MST
Subject:Re: Conure troubles
Message:julie wrote:
> vegan555 wrote:
> > Hi, I have a Nanday Conure named Carl, I love him to pieces but I
> can
> > not stand his screaming any more, I feel like I am going crazy. He
> > screams all day long all the time. He is very sweet and
> affectionate
> > and he's always on my shoulder, we play games and I'm always
> > interacting with him but his screaming has gotten to be too much.
> He
> > was a rescue bird, someone had him that was mistreating him and I
> > offered to take him. I did not know what I was in for. If anyone
> knows
> > of a good rescue group that would take him in, I have already tried
> > Mickaboo but they are full. I dont want to just sell him to some
> > random person because I dont know anything about them. Carl has a
> lot
> > of flight time, all the time, sometimes all day and someone else
> might
> > keep him locked up all the time. I think a rescue place would treat
> > him better and find a good home for him. Any suggestions would be
> > helpful. Thanks
> Have you read any thing about Nanday? They are know for their screams.
> However when Carl is in the does he have a lot of toys? Have you taken
> him to an Avian Vet yet? Their could be some wrong. What are you
> feeding him? What is his diet? There could other factors as to why he
> acts this way. I would take him to the vet and have him check out. Let
> us know what he is eating. You they like to sing if you are playing
> music and can sound like a scream too. Let us know more about his
> environment. Maybe we can help you and him find a commend ground.
> They are great companions. I have had my Nanday for 7 years now and
> that bird is the love of my life. My husband got him for me on
> Mother's Day. Once you when his trust more and y'all get to where he
> isn't screaming you should have a great relationship.
> Bruce will have answers for you as well.
> Keep us updated.
> Julie

Carl has lots of toys, chewing toys especially since I know he likes to chew on everything. I have a bath in their for him as wells o he can take baths. I feed him organics pelleted feed. I used to have him on Harrison's feed and he really liked that but the main ingredient was corn. So I switched his feed to the organics pellets but he doesn't seem to like that very much at all. I have tried mixing it with other food but he just picks around it and eat what he likes. He get lots of flight time everyday. We also have a female nanday named ginger. We got her for Carl a couple months ago to make give him a friend and make him happier. They don't seem to like each other that much and she has obvious behavioral problems. She refuses to come out of her cage. I leave the door open for her and she just wont ever come out. She also wont let you touch her pick her up or come near her and she screams ALL DAY long and gets Carl riled up. It's so frustrating. I love them both so much but I feel like my life is being taken over by them. I put them online before and several people contacted me but I just couldn't bring myself to letting them go, fearful that the new owners wouldn't know how to handle them or give them enough love. That's why i was thinking of giving them to a rescue instead. I don't know what to do though. I have asked people to take care of them when I am away on vacation etc. and everyone is to afraid of changing their water or food. It's just a nightmare! Please help.

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