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Date:Sunday November 25, 2012 8:55:45 pm MST
Subject:Re: Lost parrot
Message:Celinaou , you don't need to worry about temp in Texas. as far as things go set up a cage and put it in a visible area in your yard. However, a treat, any treat you have yth ou noticed the bird prefers is something you need to have in your hands. Now, step up to the plate, and step up to the bite. the bird may bite you out of fear on his part, but if you move slow and don't frighten him you'll manage to cage him. then you might be able to have a vet scan him for an owner. if not you have a pet to raise, and he'll be well worth it
> Bruce Byfield wrote:
> > Celina wrote:
> > > There is a Nanday parrot coming to the birdfeeders I have in my
> > > backyard. I went out and bought parrot food but he/she likes the
> > > regular wild bird feed and is not eating from the 'parrot'
> > birdfeeder
> > > I got. The temperature in Dallas went crazy this weekend and it
> got
> > > cool, I am really worried about the safety of this parrot, not to
> > > mention all the stray cats that visit my backyard and sometimes
> eat
> > > the birds. I have called several organizations but no one is able
> > to
> > > come get him. I need advise on how to catch him in order to
> > > save him from harm. I believe these are tropical birds and wonder
> > if
> > > he can survive a Texas winter out in the wild. I am truly afraid
> of
> > > handling him, I don't have any experience with this type of birds
> > and
> > > worry about a bite, I am sure he can sense my fear and will
> react.
> > Any
> > > advise I can get will be helpful.
> >
> > For some reason, people think of parrots as tropical birds.
> However,
> > in the cases of nandays and many other parrot species, their
> natural
> > habitat is closer to temperate zone. So, unless the temperature
> drops
> > to near freezing, the bird shouldn't have any problem.
> >
> > The best way to catch the bird depends on how tame it is. If the
> bird
> > was domestic and happy in its situation, all you may need to do set
> up
> > a cage with food and toys and leave it with the door open somewhere
> > the bird can't miss it. It might go right in the cage without any
> > prompting from you.
> >
> > Otherwise, try setting up the cage with a trail of food leading
> > inside.
> Thank you all for the advise. I will have to procure a cage and try
> this!

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