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Date:Friday November 2, 2012 7:10:34 pm MDT
Subject:Help!! Nanday behavioral issues
Message:Hello fellow Nanday lovers,
   My name is Claire and i have a 6-month old male Nanday named Squishie. He is my first Nanday conure. I have had him since he was just an egg. My old room mate owned his parents and i got Squishie off of him. Squishie's parents didn't want to take care of him when he hatched so i fed him with a teeny tiny syringe from the very beginning. So he thinks i'm his birdie mama :)
   Squishie has been having some behavioral issues. where do i start? He has to have whatever he wants whenever he wants it and if he doesn't get it he screams and bites. He will actually climb up me and take whatever he wants from me and bite me and scream if i try to say no. He bites everyone who comes over to the house, but i don't understand why because he has been raised around many people. I've tried several things including putting him down on the floor when he bites and trying to ignore him for a few minutes. this technique worked well for me with my cocatiels, but when i put Squishie down, he just climbs right back up. So, i thought maybe i'd put iihim in time out in his cage, but i read that doesn't work because most birds forget what they're being put on time out for. i've tried the "earthquake" thing where you shake your hand a little if he bites your hand to show him that there are consequences when he bites. When i do this he bites down hard on my hand to steady his balance. I also have tried blowing in his face, and although he doesn't really like it, he got used to it very quickly. He goes after my roommate's cocatiel, biting him often.
   I know when people don't interact with their birds, the birds become agggressive, but squishie is almost always outside of his cage. He is very tame and friendly (as long as he gets his way). i try to give him toys so that he isn't so focused on chewing up things he isn't supposed to. i can't eat or drink anything around him because he will climb up and shove his head in my mouth to try to eat what i am eating!! i think he's too young to be hormonal. Can someone please help me? i love my nanday and i want visitors to my home to love him too. any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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