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Date:Monday October 8, 2012 9:16:45 am MDT
Subject:Lost parrot
Message:There is a Nanday parrot coming to the birdfeeders I have in my backyard. I went out and bought parrot food but he/she likes the regular wild bird feed and is not eating from the 'parrot' birdfeeder I got. The temperature in Dallas went crazy this weekend and it got cool, I am really worried about the safety of this parrot, not to mention all the stray cats that visit my backyard and sometimes eat the birds. I have called several organizations but no one is able to come get him. I need advise on how to catch him in order to
save him from harm. I believe these are tropical birds and wonder if he can survive a Texas winter out in the wild. I am truly afraid of handling him, I don't have any experience with this type of birds and worry about a bite, I am sure he can sense my fear and will react. Any advise I can get will be helpful.


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