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Date:Monday October 1, 2012 8:20:42 pm MDT
Subject:Re: il conuro si strappa le penne
Message:its a gas wrote:
> Translation from Google
> Subject: the tears parakeet feathers
> Hello everyone, I'm Emilio from Italy and I'm writing because my
> Nanday parakeet started plucking feathers from a month or so.
> I wanted to know the cause of this problem and the best cure. Now my
> vet told me to give him the prozac and gold-bath, but there are big
> improvements.
> In Italy you do not know the parakeet nanday and wanted to know if you
> can buy a book to learn more about the parrot.
> Precise that my parakeet is 4 years old and they told me that it
> should be a male.
> Hello to all. Thanks for the info that I hope to hear from you soon.
> A hug from Italy.

Hello Emilio,
Yes you can get a book on Nanday Conures at Amazon. Plucking can be caused by many things. From a change of environment to stress, change of food. Has there been any changes in you birds environment? Have you had the bird for all four years or is it new to you?? Please give us more information so we will be able to help you.
Also, Bruce here on the form is of great knowledge about Nandays.

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