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Name:its a gas
Date:Sunday September 30, 2012 10:44:42 am MDT
Subject:Re: il conuro si strappa le penne
Message:Translation from Google
Subject: the tears parakeet feathers

Hello everyone, I'm Emilio from Italy and I'm writing because my Nanday parakeet started plucking feathers from a month or so.
I wanted to know the cause of this problem and the best cure. Now my vet told me to give him the prozac and gold-bath, but there are big improvements.
In Italy you do not know the parakeet nanday and wanted to know if you can buy a book to learn more about the parrot.
Precise that my parakeet is 4 years old and they told me that it should be a male.
Hello to all. Thanks for the info that I hope to hear from you soon.
A hug from Italy.

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