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Name:Bruce Byfield
Date:Monday August 6, 2012 11:59:20 am MDT
Subject:Re: 12 yr old Nanday
Message:Annette Stewart wrote:
> I recently adopted a 12 yr old Nanday who used to talk (limited) about
> 10 yrs. ago per his previous owner. She said she neglected talking to
> him a lot and he quit. Any chance of me getting him to talk again? Or
> is he too old and been neglected for too long. Any suggestions would
> be welcome and helpful!

It's impossible to predict. A lot will depend on how much effort you spend talking to your bird. You would probably have more success if you knew what the bird used to say.

However, even if your bird never talks again, you shouldn't be too upset. For many of us, including me, the ability to talk is far less important than the endearing personalities of nandays.

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