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Name:Bruce Byfield
Date:Wednesday July 4, 2012 1:12:42 pm MDT
Subject:Re: 3 yr old
Message:RedVixxen wrote:
> I recently adopted a 3 yr old Nanday named Ike, from what Im to gather
> the prior owner bought him threw him in a cage and thats where he's
> been. its been a week, and iv got him to come out of his cage, take
> seed from my hand, but am having a problem with trying to get him to
> step up. when i try to get him to do this he retreats to the safety of
> his cage. if anyone has any ideas on how to get him a bit more social
> I would appreciate any info.

If you've got him to take seed from you after only a week, you're doing well. But remember that Ike has to trust you before he becomes more social, and that will only happen if you continue to spend time with him. The chances are, he will take several weeks before he accepts you, but all birds are different, so don't be surprised if it takes longer. Feed him, talk to him, and move slowly, and sooner or later, he should become friendlier.

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