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Date:Saturday June 2, 2012 12:04:22 pm MDT
Subject:Re: 2 year old Nanday
Message:auntienena wrote:
> My sister gave my 14 year old daughter a 2 year old Nanday for
> graduation and I now how questions on how to take care of her, Polly
> didnt start out from a good enviorment, and I am trying to learn all I
> can on how to take care of her, any tips and feed back is greatly
> needed.
> thank you

Nanday's are great little birds. They need lots of toys and time with out of their cages being part of the family. Seed diets are not good for them. I give mine Zupree pellets along with fresh fruits and veggies. They can't chocolate or avocado's it will kill them. Also salt, lots of fried food and caffine are not good for them. Spending a lot of time talking and holding or handling them is good. They like to be apart of the action family.
Also, Bruce is really good on the info part. I love my Pany and I hope she will love this feather baby. They do need lots of attention, but the love they give back is worth it.

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