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Name:Libby Bond
Date:Sunday May 27, 2012 4:02:54 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Nanday walking problems vet visit
Message:I have a Nanday Conure age 28 yrs old; we have had him since age 3 months; He was in bottom of cage this morning and have noticed about two weeks he has not been as active or climbing;

When got him out this morning his feet were clawed and drawn up and was on bottom of cage not responding much; Thought he was dead at first glance; I've been feeding him as he has not been eating or drinking since he cannot climb around or hold anything in his claws;; I fed him soaked oatmeal and raisin juice with eye dropper bout every 15 min a dropper full; He is getting it evidently b/c he is pooping often; It is watery however;; took him out in sunlight for 10 to 15 minute intervals; But not sure what has happened to him; I read possible vitamin D deficiency from not getting enough light and also maybe b/c he only eats black sunflower seeds; We have tried parrot mixes etc over the years but he will pick out the sunflower seeds and sling out everything else ; so we just started buying sunflower seed in bulk and feed him some of what I cook of the things he likes; ie; brown beans and potatoes and some fruits. Please advise what to do for him; I'm not giving up on this lil guy b/c he's been in our family too long; I did pull him out of a weakened state one other time with the oatmeal, raisin and molasses mix; Should I give him antibiotic and what would be good to give to him at this point?

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