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Name:Bruce Byfield
Date:Tuesday April 17, 2012 12:46:20 pm MDT
Message:julie wrote:

> Bruce, thanks for the answers. Panama wasn't really eating. Now its
> like he/she is acting normal again. It was really weird. Still tearing
> up the newspaper in his/her cage. I can't feel a bulge or anything. My
> hours did change some at work, but that is normal. That was the only
> change.
> I was thinking he/she was just being moody. I have been some boxes in
> there for him/her to tear up. Do you think that could have triggered
> the want to nest?

My nandays sometimes fix on something familiar and take a strong and sudden dislike to it. It could be an object nearby or a change in routine, and often happens when they are hormonal. So, just possibly, your change in hours might have been enough to set off a reaction.

Or it could have been a minor illness, or nothing at all. Birds are complex creatures, which is why noticing when they are sick isn't always easy.

I doubt the boxes could have triggered the need to nest. Normally, a combination of the right diet and longer hours of daylight and more warmth seem to be what trigger nesting.

But it's good that you notice the changes in behavior and worry about them. Your concern will help Panama live as long and as healthy a life as possible.

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