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Date:Sunday April 15, 2012 11:59:13 am MDT
Message:Bruce Byfield wrote:
> julie wrote:
> > Bruce,
> > I have had Panama for 7yrs now. I need your opinion on what is
> going
> > with him/her, Panama has been acting a little weird. Doesn't really
> > want to spend time with me. Also has been shredding the paper and
> > putting into a little area. Could Panama be getting to nest? I'm
> don't
> > know if Panama is a male or female, and has never laid an egg or
> > anything.
> Julie:
> Sorry for the late reply -- I only just saw your message.
> The behavior sounds like Panama could be wanting to nest. What you
> describe sounds very much like a broody hen. However, birds can
> surprise you; I've seen a couple of cocks who acted very like hens.
> Under the circumstancees, keep an eye on her health. Is she still
> active? Still eating the same as usual? You might also want to see if
> she has an obvious bulge that might indicate she has an egg.
> As for the change in her behavior towards you, has something changed
> in your life? Are you wearing something new or doing something
> differently? A change in routine might explain why she acts
> differently.
> Hoping this message arrives in time to be useful,
> Bruce

Bruce, thanks for the answers. Panama wasn't really eating. Now its like he/she is acting normal again. It was really weird. Still tearing up the newspaper in his/her cage. I can't feel a bulge or anything. My hours did change some at work, but that is normal. That was the only change.
I was thinking he/she was just being moody. I have been some boxes in there for him/her to tear up. Do you think that could have triggered the want to nest?
Thanks for answering so fast again.

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