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Name:Bruce Byfield
Date:Sunday April 15, 2012 9:54:51 am MDT
Message:julie wrote:
> Bruce,
> I have had Panama for 7yrs now. I need your opinion on what is going
> with him/her, Panama has been acting a little weird. Doesn't really
> want to spend time with me. Also has been shredding the paper and
> putting into a little area. Could Panama be getting to nest? I'm don't
> know if Panama is a male or female, and has never laid an egg or
> anything.


Sorry for the late reply -- I only just saw your message.

The behavior sounds like Panama could be wanting to nest. What you describe sounds very much like a broody hen. However, birds can surprise you; I've seen a couple of cocks who acted very like hens.

Under the circumstancees, keep an eye on her health. Is she still active? Still eating the same as usual? You might also want to see if she has an obvious bulge that might indicate she has an egg.

As for the change in her behavior towards you, has something changed in your life? Are you wearing something new or doing something differently? A change in routine might explain why she acts differently.

Hoping this message arrives in time to be useful,


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