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Name:Bruce Byfield
Date:Monday April 2, 2012 11:58:42 am MDT
Subject:Re: Mischievous nanday!!
Message:(No name) wrote:

> Thank you for your suggestions. He does eat a lot of sunflower seeds,
> and I willchange his diet. Every time I try to change it he refuses to
> eat it and just eats what I eat, but i will be stricter. He is very
> spoiled, he mostly stays on perches and I don't lock his cage. When he
> is bad I do put him in my room. Do you think it is necessary that I
> begin to cage him? He never has been caged and I wonder if it would
> depress him. I know I sound like an enabling mom, but he really is a
> sweet bird just I little self entitled.

It's hard not to spoil parrots, I know, but you have to be responsible and what's best for him.

I find that the best way to introduce new food to birds is to hand it to them and to let them see you eating them, or at least pretending to eat them.

Your description of how he lives makes me wonder if part of his behavior is that he doesn't feel secure. While we humans tend to think of a cage as depriving a bird of its freedom, many birds seem to view a cage as their own private place. From that perspective, it's possible that putting the door up and covering the cage at night might be just what your bird needs to calm down.

I hope these suggestions help.

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