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Name:Bruce Byfield
Date:Tuesday March 20, 2012 12:38:10 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Mischievous nanday!!
Message:Sylvia wrote:
> I have a nanday named Buster that is almost two years old. He responds
> well to commands like come here, step up, and can do some minor
> tricks. He is nice to most people that show him no fear, but will bite
> any one who seems uneasy. He is REALLY destructive, which I know is
> normal, except for the fact that he wants nothing to do with bird
> toys, or anything he catches on I want him chewing. And he knows when
> he is being bad, because the moment I take what ever thing he is
> destroying he gets defensive and upset. His other big problem is he
> over preens everyone, not himself, but it's very annoying. I have had
> other parrots and know this behavior is normal, but he will do it till
> you bleed! And I know he is just living on me, he becomes very
> obsessive. If he is really into it and I tell him to stop and kind of
> pull away he sometimes bites, as if I need to stay out of his business
> and let him keep doing what he is doing lol. help!

Several suggestions come to mind.

First, what is Buster's diet like? In my experience, many nandays become hyper-active when there are too many sunflower seeds in their diet. By contrast, birds who have a diet that is at least half fruits and vegetables tend to be calmer. If Buster is receiving more than about half a dozen sunflower seeds a day, cutting them out could make him calmer in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Second, how regular is Buster's routine? Birds without an established routine tend to be rowdier, especially if their routine means that they don't get enough sleep.

Third, could Buster possibly be a bit spoiled? He sounds like he is used to having his own way. If you don't already, you might try putting him in his cage as soon as he misbehaves. You might also try very lightly tapping his beak and saying, "No!" in a loud voice; parrots understand this treatment because it's close to what they do when someone displeases them.

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