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Date:Monday March 12, 2012 4:57:09 pm MDT
Message:Hello - my nanday laid eggs again this spring. I thought I was doing everything rec to not stimulate egg laying. In the bird room I also have a male tritan cockatoo. Would he stimulate egg production? His cage is always fully covered as the way he likes it.

my conure has taken this so seriosly and has been on eggs for 2 weeks.   i took one out last night and held to light - it almost looked pink while laying on floor of cage. i need a brighter light to really see if i can see an embryo. Pardon my spelling... she is so serious about these eggs for 2 weeks. I talk to her about her babies - how are your babies today? your so busy keeping them warm....don't you need a break?

any suggestions on seeing if egg fertile?

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